Who are we?

     The Smoketree Community Association is not an HOA, but rather a voluntary recreational association under IRC 501(c)(7) with authority in our Declaration to enforce certain covenants. We are not legally a "development" under the Virginia statutes that require disclosure packets nor do we require owners to join, pay dues or pay assessments. We maintain the pool and clubhouse and other common facilities, and we are empowered to enforce the applicable restrictive covenants, but we are not legally required to provide document packages to sellers or buyers. 

Smoketree Community Association (SCA):
     Although voluntary, we still would love to have 100% participation in our Association. Annual Membership in the SCA is just $55 for 2017-2018. For any resident who opts to join Smoketree Pool this fee is included in your membership - a nice benefit!

What do we do?

     Smoketree's facilities and common areas are community-owned and managed by The Smoketree Association, a non-profit corporation consisting of a volunteer board of officers made up of homeowners.  The primary responsibility of the Smoketree Association is to preserve home values and represent homeowner interests by providing consistent, quality maintenance of our community. 

Monthly Meeting

     Effective Q1 2018 our meeting format has changed. We are now holding quarterly INTERACTIVE meetings, generally picking one high interest topic (such as Tot Lot Upgrades) and invite all Association members and potential members to attend. There will be a short introduction to the topic of the evening as well as updates from the previous meeting, and then it is up to our members to guide the discussion for the rest of the meeting. We highly encourage questions, comments and suggestions. Afterwards we gather for drinks/snacks so please consider joining us!