Smoketree Pool Policies


Smoketree Pool is proud to offer a safe and clean environment for its members and guests. The policies are set by the Smoketree Association and Aquatics Committee and may be revised at any time. We hope your enjoy your time at our facility! Please visit the front gate with any questions or feedback. 

As a reminder: NO GLASS allowed anywhere inside the gates. 

The following are not allowed at Smoketree Pool and enclosed grounds of the pool: 

  • Alcohol (except during approved events)

  • Glass Containers

  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes

  • Gum

  • Animals (unless a service animal)

  • Profane Language

  • Rough Play/Dunking

  • Running

  • Spitting

  • Flips (front or back) from the side of the pool


  • Lifeguards have the obligation and authority to enforce all facility rules. All pools will be operated in such a way as to provide enjoyment for all members.

  • All members and guests swim at their own risk.

  • Members must present their membership cards when signing in at the front gate.

  • All swimmers must be in proper swim attire. Mesh shorts, cut-offs and “street clothes” are not appropriate swim attire.

  • Only US Coast Guard (USCG) approved flotation devices and arm bands are permitted in the pool when being used as a primary flotation device for a child. Parents must remain within arm reach of the child using these devices and are not permitted in the diving well.

  • Due to visibility and the safety of all swimmers, the use of inflatable floats is prohibited at all times. Guards may request that any item be removed from the pool if it is impacting the safety of swimmers.

  • Disposable (non-swim) and cloth diapers are strictly prohibited in all pools. Children who are not potty trained must wear both a swim diaper and a bathing suit when using the pool.

  • A child, member or guest, must be 12 years of age or older to be allowed at Smoketree Pool without a parent/guardian or chaperone.

  • Periodic Safety breaks will occur (generally once an hour for 15 minutes). Only swimmers ages 18 and older are permitted in the pool at this time. Parents with young children ages 2 and under are allowed.

  • Diving is only allowed in the designated area (diving well).

  • Members should not hang or play on pool ladders as well as the lap lanes when in use by the swim team.

  • Food should not be consumed while using the pool or sitting on the edge of the pool.

  • The designated smoking area is in the grass directly across the parking lot from the main entrance.

  • The BBQ pit is available to all members when not being used for a pre-planned event (adult & family socials, swim meets).

  • The Fire Pit is available to members, but use must be authorized by the Pool Manager in advance. Authorization will only be given to members, ages 25 and older, and will be the responsibility of that member.

  • The Guard Room and Pump Rooms are for staff only.

  • Lost and Found Items will be stored in the benches near the water fountain. Items will be cleared out on a weekly bi-weekly basis.


  • Any nonmember is considered a guest and must be accompanied by a member of Smoketree.

  • Members should register their guest in the guest book at the gate upon arrival. Guest fees will need to be paid prior to entry.

  • The member must remain with their guest(s) at the pool for the duration of the visit.

  • Guest fees during regular operating hours per guest: M-F $5; Sa-Sun $7. Holidays and Special Events $10. Past years’ VIP passes are still valid.

Baby Pool

  • Lifeguards ARE NOT responsible for supervision of the baby pool.

  • This pool is for the use of non-swimmers, ages 4 and younger, only. All children must be directly supervised at all times by an adult or guardian.

  • Disposable and/or cloth diapers are not allowed. Children who are not potty trained must wear both a swim diaper and a bathing suit when using the pool.

  • If an accident happens, please notify a lifeguard immediately. Children experiencing diarrhea symptoms should not use the pool.

Diving Board

  • Individuals must be able to swim at least 15 yards independently in order to use the diving board. Lifeguards may ask children to pass a swimming test before use of the diving board is allowed.

  • Floatation devices and goggles are not permitted on the diving board. Parents are also prohibited from catching children jumping off of the board.

  • Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board as well as the steps to the diving board.

  • Individuals must go straight off the end of the board and never towards the walls, and exit the well quickly.

  • Individuals should not jump or dive into the diving well until the previous individual has made it safely to the side of the pool.

  • When there is a line of individuals using the diving board, other swimmers are prohibited from entering the well at any time.

  • At the discretion of the lifeguards the diving board may temporarily close for Open swimming in the Well.

Pool Closings/Inclement Weather

  • The pool manager has the authority to close the pool at any time if there is a health or safety concern.

  • If outside temperatures are below 70 degrees, the pool will be closed.

  • When thunder is heard or lightning is seen, all pools will be closed. If thunder is heard the pool will remain closed for 30 minutes. When lightning is seen, everyone will be asked to promptly exit the facility and the entire complex will be closed for at least 30 minutes. The time will restart for each occurrence of thunder or lightning.

Smoketree is not responsible for members’ valuables, property or injuries sustained while at the Smoketree facility. Failure to abide by the rules could result in suspension of privileges. The Management and Staff have the authority to take any necessary actions to insure the safety of the members, security of the complex or safekeeping of any and all pool property.